Unique experiments in fractured crystalline rock

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GeoLaB (Geothermal Laboratory in the Crystalline Basement) is a planned Helmholtz research infrastructure. The international and interdisciplinary research platform of the Helmholtz Association focuses on the thermal-hydraulic-mechanical-chemical (THMC) processes of deep geothermal reservoirs and reservoir engineering issues. The overarching aim of the research is a safe and ecologically sustainable use of the most important geothermal resources in Germany and worldwide.

For this purpose, a generic underground geoscientific laboratory in the fractured crystalline basement of the Schwarzwald-Odenwald complex shall be built. This rock type has the greatest geothermal potential worldwide for geothermal electricity generation and heat supply and is also highly relevant for other geotechnologies.

GeoLaB is designed as a joint research infrastructure of the Helmholtz research fields "Energy" and "Earth and Environment". Only when both perspectives come together in GeoLaB can environmentally compatible technology development succeed. In this way, synergetic research combines a long-term energy supply with sustainable resource use. 

GeoLaB has a new website. On helmholtz.de you will find more information on GeoLaB: New website